30 September – International Translation Day

What do you usually do when you come across a word you do not understand? Normally, you would look up the word in the dictionary to get its meaning. How about if you come across a whole paragraph written in a foreign language? Getting the meaning of each word would not come close to understanding the whole context. The best way is to have this translated by a qualified professional translator.

Happy Translator's Day

Not many of us are aware of the fact that our lives are made easier by translators. Instructions and literature of products that come in different languages are skilfully translated by qualified and professional translators. Imagine if this were done by an ordinary person. For sure, there would be a lot of confusion and misinformation.

Translators are the unsung heroes of today’s high technology information and social media world. Many are clueless of the work done by translators. Thanks to them many people can access to material that, if not translated, would be impossible for them to read.

The translators’ task is not that easy. Translating is not just a question of turning written words from one language into another, translating also entails keeping the style and meaning of the original work, which usually implies “decoding” the message behind the words.

Today we celebrate the International Translation Day. It is but fitting to thank our translators in our own language. Our thanks can help boost their morale. Words, however simple, can become beautiful and meaningful through an expert translation.

The International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30 September on the feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator considered the patron saint of translators. If you are working with a Translator, let him/her know how much you appreciate his/her work by greeting him/her on this special day. Or post a greeting on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or on any other social media site. Your show of appreciation for the work they do will certainly mean something special to them. Translators have definitely become important players in this globalized era.

A big thank you to all the translators who make

GL TRANSLATIONS work possible every day.

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